TxxxItemEditor comments, suggestions

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TPlannerShape = (psRect, psRounded, psHexagon, psTool, psSkin);
Does not contain a Custom item. What does its appearance in the ComboBox mean?

TSimpleShape = (ssCircle, ssTriangle, ssHArrow, ssVArrow, ssTriangles, ssCircles, ssSquares);
I'm missing the ability to select an item from TSimpleShape

I write both values in a single field of the table. For TSimpleShape I increase the value by 10. Is it possible to add?

procedure TfrmPlannerRole.dbpmwMonthFieldsToItem(Sender: TObject; Fields: TFields; Item: TPlannerItem);
  Shift = 10;
  if fdtblPlanner.FieldByName('SHAPE').AsInteger < Shift then
    Item.DrawTool := nil;
    Item.Shape := TPlannerShape(fdtblPlanner.FieldByName('SHAPE').AsInteger)
    Item.DrawTool := FRolePlanner.ShapeDrawTool[fdtblPlanner.FieldByName('SHAPE').AsInteger - Shift];
    Item.Shape := psTool;

I have a few topics without a response from you. I would like to get some answers. Let me know how to proceed in programming! My license ends in 18 days. Because of this, I have a strong urge not to wrap it up. Although my posts are sometimes "stupid" or premature, it is appropriate to answer to them.
well thank you
Default Edit Period Edit Recurency seting Edit Rekurency exception Edit Simple Edit
ShowColor and ShowShape = True - are not displayed

constructor TPeriodItemEditor.Create(AOwner: TComponent);
  FCenter := True;

  FLblWarning := 'Warning: this appointment occurs in the past';
  FLblSubject := '&Subject';
  FLblStart := 'S&tart time';
  FLblEnd := '&End time';
  FLblColor := '&Color';
  FLblShape := 'S&hape';
  FLblNotes := '&Notes';
  FShowShape := true;  //  it's not here
  FShowColor := true;  //  it's not here

  1. We have fixed the constructor with initialization of private variables
  2. Custom = not one of the built-in styles but a style handled by a tool (i.e. psTool)
  3. We had an enormous amount of work with TMS WEB Core v1.6 & TMS VCL UI Pack v10.5 release. Sadly, our days are limited to 24hrs as everyone else's day, causing a little bit delay on some support questions.

Thank you for your response. I assumed your high workload.
I would like to be able to translate items in ComboBoxShape.
Instead of Custom, I would like to see another solution.
Custom blow up. Put a CheckBoxSimlyShape on the form. If it is Checked, then the ComboBoxShape is filled with items for SimplyShape (triangle ...). With the possibility of localization. In that case, it would be good to increase the numeric value - I have it by 10.