TXDataWebDataSet create Field with Type ftTimestamp

I´m using TXDataWebDataSet to read a json received from a XDataServer. The server returns Timestamps in this ISO8601 format. So for example this: 2023-04-04T11:24:49.135Z.

I would like to read this string into a Field of TXDataWebDataSet but ftTimestamp is not found by the pas2js-Compiler:

When i load the String into a field with TieldTyp ftDateTime then the miliseconds are unfortunately being stripped away.

Do you have an Idea how i could solve this?

You should use ftDateTime indeed. Can you please provide more information, steps (or project) to reproduce the issue you are referring to (milliseconds being stripped).

Hello Wagner,

i´m using the TRESTClient.IsoToDateTime-function from the WebLib.Rest-Unit to parse the String from to Json into the Datetime-Field. It´s probably at that point, where i´m losing the Miliseconds part.

We've seen the issue and fixed it.
Will be fixed in TMS WEB Core v2.1.0.5

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