TMS Xdata - ISO 8601 and UTC

One of the entries on our Xdata server is accepting some datetime values in the json structure.
The client sends iso8601 dates with a trailing Z (ie. "2020-05-05T12.00.00Z") to tell that the value represents a UTC date / time.

It seems that the parser doesn't accept this format (as stated in the doc at

Is it on purpose and is there a way to deal with this ?

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You can enable support for the Z suffix this way:

uses Bcl.Utils;
DefaultTimeZoneMode := TTimeZoneMode.AsLocal;

Note this will not only access the Z but will also convert the date to local time. If you want the parser to just access the Z suffix but ignore it as an UTC date, considering it just a local date, use Ignore:

DefaultTimeZoneMode := TTimeZoneMode.Ignore;
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I'm trying this setting as well, but I do not see any difference in the data I get from my xData rest server.

It seems the default value of DefaultTimeZone is TTimeZoneMode.Error;
When I do a GET from an entity with a datetime field the JSON format shows:

"LastActivityUTC": "2023-02-15T08:31:02"

Setting the
DefaultTimeZone := TTimeZoneMode.AsUtc
DefaultTimeZone := TTimeZoneMode.AsLocal

the returned value from server is still missing the trailing 'Z'

"LastActivityUTC": "2023-02-15T08:31:02"

Any hints or suggestions you could share with me? Or maybe point me to some documentation?

Thank you

The DefaultTimeZone is only used for deserialization of date-time values.

I understand you want to serialize your dates using time zone? In this case, you can use a specific date-time converter:

    FLastActivityUTC: TDateTime;
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