TXDataWebDataset and TResolveResults

hi, i copied from your example 'music' this code : i can't find any document for this. How this work ? is usefull to resolve server conflicts when data is updated ?

Procedure TfrmAliqIVA_IE.wdAliqIVAAfterApplyUpdates(Sender: TDataSet; Info: TResolveResults);
var i:Smallint;
  For I:=0 to Length(Info.Records)-1 Do Begin
    If ResolveInfo.Status = TUpdateStatus.usResolveFailed Then Begin
      WebMessageDlg.ShowDialog(ResolveInfo.Error, mtError, [mbOk], Nil);
      Exit;  // al primo errore esce !

The dataset stores in memory all modifications done (records inserted, deleted, updated). Only when ApplyUpdates is called those modifications are sent to the server, in an asynchronous way.

Thus this is the opportunity for the application to know that status of such modifications: were they successfully when sending to the server? That's what this code does, just checks if any in-memory modification caused an error when it tried to be persisted by communicating with the server