await for tXdatawebdataset

I tried using await for a series of XdataWebdataset and finally a showmessage to say things have been saved but it did not work out

str: string;
recs: Integer;
Info: TResolveResults;
Info := await(TResolveResults, dbTransHd.ApplyUpdates);
Info := await(TResolveResults, dbTranBasic4.ApplyUpdates);
Info := await(TResolveResults, dbTranBiocide.ApplyUpdates);
Showmessage('Data Saved');
Instead of TResolveResults, I also tried using integer. Is this possible to do this ?
It does not compile at all giving a compilation error
At present I have to go to afterapplyupdates event to check if the event is completed before I call the next one.
Can you please suggest a better way

When possible, please provide full information. If it does raises a compile error, please inform the exact compile error.
In this case I believe I can guess because ApplyUpdates method is not an async method. Thus it simply cannot be used with await modifier. You have to keep using AfterApplyUpdates event.

I have one issue. If there is nothing to save the AfterApplyupdates event does not trigger. Is there a property which I can use check it ?

You can use GetPendingUpdates to retrieve a list of what's to be applied. If it returns an empty array, there is nothing to update.