Two mo


I fear that I've got another two questions concerning the TMSFMXTreeView to ask because I was given certain exotic design specifications, which I have to fullfill as soon as possible:

1. I've got a specific Treeview whose Nodes only contain one row of text and therefore technically require one column. 
However, because of the nature of the Treeview, even the column title is not required and I was asked to make the column space at the top disappear alltogether so that only the tree itself remains. Is this possible?

2. The node icons are always centered in front of the text, which for my part is fine. I was asked however if it were possible to make the icon appear at the top before the first line of the text instead of the center, regardless of how many lines of text the item possesses. 
I assume the only way to do this is with one of the various OnDrawNode-events. My question would be, whether I am correct to assume that this is the only way and, if so, how to accomplish that in the easiest possible fashion without inhibiting the expand/collapse - functionality.

I would be very grateful for any advice that helps me to accomplish those specifications.
  1. Set TMSFMXTreeView.ColumnsAppearance.TopSize = 0
    2. A possible alternative approach without custom drawing is to insert the image at the position you want via HTML formatted text containing the <IMG> tag.