TMSTreeview variable height and scaled icons

I would like to adjust the heigt of the treeviewnodes based on the text length, but not on the iconheigt.
How do you make a difference between the two?

If you could be able to set the height or size of an icon (stored in a bitmapcontainer) that would also be great.

The tmsgrid scales images automaticly, it would be nice if the treview did the same.

thnx in advance


Yes, OnGetNodeHeight can be used to scale manually. The Icon is not stretched, this is currently not an option unfortunately. We'll investigate if we can improve this here.
Can you point me in the right direction for the following two problems?

-OnNodeGetHeight : How do I know if the height is changed because of long text value or a big icon?

- How do I draw a smaller version of a treeviewnodeIcon when the icon is loaded from a bitmapcontainer with the Nodevalue.bitmapname

thanks for the help

Sorry, this is not possible. You'll need to add a smaller image directly to the bitmapcontainer to make sure the image is smaller. Additionally, the OnNodeGetHeight is called when the node is being calculated. After it is calculated the event is not triggered anymore. When the text changes, the OnNodeGetHeight event is retriggered. The Height of the node is a global height, which includes icon, text, etc...