TWebWaitMessage problem when the custom picture was loaded


Like in topic, repro steps.

  1. add to form TWebWaitMessage control
  2. go to picture property and load own picture file.
  3. compile

and you can see that:


got compilation error

[Error] Unit1.pas(7): can't find unit "frxGIFGraphic"

I suspect this is an interference with another 3rd party component you have installed.
What other components you have installed that might have registered their own image format handlers?
Other than make this tool not register its own handler for GIF files, I can't see a solution.

frxGIFGraphic is from FastReport 3rd party component.
For me this is not solution to uninstall FastReport ... I need this component :slight_smile:

In the past Web Core version I had no problem with this.

TMS WEB Core cannot use frxGIFGraphic.
FastReport shouldn't insert this type in a TMS WEB Core project.