Compiler error when trying to add pictures in TWebImageControl

I'm currently trialing TMS WEB Core to see if I can use it in my new project. When trying to display an image using the TWebImageControl or even the TTMSFNCImage component, I get an error when to load a bitmap, jpeg, jpg or png image file. The compiler tells me i.e. when trying to load a png image, "Unsupported image class [tdxpngimage]!".

I'm using Delphi Sydney 10.4.2 with your latest release of TMS WEB Core.

Please advise?

Thank you.

Normally when you add a PNG image, the image class is tpngimage.
It appears you have other 3rd party controls installed that interfere with this image property editor and do not return a known standard image type like tpngimage.

I have a number of 3'rd party controls installed. So how would one know which one is causing the issue? Even if the specific TMS Web Core control is identified causing the issue, how would you work with both of these controls if the one causing the conflict is used in another project? Does it mean that the TMS Web Core control can then not be utilized as long as the other control is also required?

If another 3rd party installs an IDE extension that imposes its own image types on components outside the range of the 3rd party components, there is little we can do about that. The proper solution is that this 3rd party does not interfere with components it didn't provide.
I suggest to locate where the class tdxpngimage comes from and contact the author of this 3rd library asking to remedy this as it shouldn't replace picture properties of components it doesn't create itself.