TWebTreeView issues

A TWebTreeview placed on the form has no way of initializing its data in design mode.

I set up some stuff in WebFormCreate to add items, and it's not even visible at run-time.

Breakpoints set in WebFormCreate don't work. They turn green while the program is starting up, then one the form has been created, they are enabled again, which defeats the purpose of trying to see what's going on while the form is being created that might be causing something to not get initialized properly.

Syntax options (<ctrl>-Space) say AddChildObject should be available for the Items property, but the compiler says it can't find it. Add and AddChild are there.

I can't get any insight into anything other than the standard VCL classes. None of the WebCore classes seem to be accessible through normal mechanisms.

Works perfectly if used as described in the documentation.

I think you missed my point. That's ok; I'm still challenged by the differences between normal IDE and using the web browser.

I did what's shown before I posted this, and did not get what you say should appear. I set breakpoints in the WebFormCreate method and they are disabled briefly while that procedure is being executed. So I cannot tell why the values I'm trying to display don't show up. Why would breakpoints be disabled for specific methods?

The other problem I encountered is that AddChildObject seems to be an available method, but the compiler doesn't recognize any ...Object(...) methods.

The Items have a Data member rather than TObject, which is not a big deal. But you apparently need to set them. separately because you cannot say AddChildObject or even AddChildData.

I guess you'd need to say item.AddChild( anode, 'blah' ).Data := myObject;

That's rather strange. What's wrong with AddChildObject( anode, 'blah', myObject )?

Is this just a misplaced declaration in the class header?

Please implement the example as shown in the documentation and send a screenshot of 'what you get'. Without giving me an example to reproduce, it is impossible to reproduce.