TWebScrollbox set bar position

I'm using TWebScrollBox to display several Div created by code.
Each Div contains details about a marker in a GoogleMap. When a marker is clicked I get enough details to define targeted Div in TWebScrollBox, so I would like to automatically vertical scroll to display the rigth panel by defining the position of scrollbar

Unfortunately, it seems there isn't property available in web core to define position like

MyWebScrollBox.VertScrollBar.Position:= 500; 

If IDE accepts code completion, compilation generates an error (Identifer not found 'Position')

Is there a way to be able to set position of a scrollbar in web core ?


To programmatically control the scroll position in a TWebScrollBox use:

WebScrollBox.ScrollLeft: integer;
WebScrollBox.ScrollTop: integer;

issue solved with a simple reference to elementid to child DIV with location

location.href = "#";
location.href = "elementID_name";

then the scrollbar of parent Div scrollto the right chid DIv directly without defining the position of scroll.


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