TWebSaveDialog component?

Hi Bruno,

A quick question, do we have a SaveDialog for the Web? Can I name it as TWebSaveDialog which would be friend of TWebOpenDialog. Any suggestion about savedialog for the web would be awesome.


Sorry, for regular web applications, there is at this moment no such component.
It is also not trivial as a web application has no local file access. All that can be done is trigger a download from the web app and then the browser shows its own dialog for selecting folder and filename.

Thanks Bruno for the reply.

Is it possible the web application can trigger browser's save as dialog without manually changing the browser download settings? To make it clear, say for the Chrome, we can go to settings -> downloads-> Ask where to save each file before downloading. could we trigger this dialog using delphi/JS? Do you have some demos/useful links for the reference?

A different note, we are considering to use Popup-menu (which is equivalent to TPopupMenu in VCL) for our web application. Do we have an available PopupMenu component for the web application, could I have any advice to the solution for that?

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When you call

it will trigger the save dialog.

At this moment we do not yet have a TPopupMenu equivalent. This is a valuable suggestion and is on the todolist.

Thanks Bruno for the solution to save dialog. We are looking forward to the TPopupMenu for web.

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Hi Bruno, I simply made a test using following code, trying to trigger the save dialog,


However, it did not show the save dialog, instead it directly downloaded a txt file to my Downloads folder on the C drive. Did I miss anything? and also what should I do if I would like to download a customized file type (other than .txt).


What browser do you use?
Here with Chrome it shows the dialog.
Maybe it is a browser setting to always show the dialog?