TWebOpenDialog - Is there a TWebSaveDialog?

Is there a TWebSaveDialog? Or what is the recommended way to get the filename where somnething has to be saved to?

At this moment there is not a separate save dialog. The browser shows the save dialog whenever you invoke a download, so it is tied to the download operation.

Not sure, if I get this right. Given the WebXLS component - it has a SaveToFile method, which needs a filename. No need to download here something.

Not sure I understand. You do not want to download but somehow still a filesystem based filename?

I need to determine the filename for WebXLS.SaveToFile(filename). So, yes I need a filsystem based filename, where the XLS is supposed to be saved.

Thank you!

Normally, you'd use something like:


and allow the user to change from this default filename

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