TWebLocalBinaryFile / TWebLocalTextFile - only local hosted applications ?

I've made a Web Core apllication with some features based on TWebLocalBinaryFile , requesting data from an XData server. Everything perfect when accesing the application from the same device where it is hosted, but it didn't work after I deployed it to a server. It works when accessing locally from server, but not from other devices.
Initally I thought it could be an IIS issue, so I also ran it with TMS Web Server, and it's the same. No Save As dialog when accessing from remote.

Does it has to do with the security handling Bruno wrote about in the quoted post above?
Is there any security and/or network configuration at browser level to make it work when remotely hosted?

I just changed the code to use Application.DownloadBinaryFile, and problem is gone! :smiley: