WebBrowserControl to view PDF files

Can the WebBrowserControl be used to view PDF files in web core application. I can open web sites but when i try to open a PDF file
from my local drive it doesn't show anything. What am I missing?

Thank you.

It know works when i use WebFilePicker but i need to do it in the code without any dialogs with the user.
Is there any way?

Without a dialog it is clear that your web application will not have local file access. If that would be possible, it would be a huge security breach.
The only way is either a dialog to pick local files or put the files behind a HTTP server.

Thank you
I have a service function in my xdata server to generate report and save it as PDF. Can I place the file behind the web server (Tms web server for the time being) in the same service implementation code to open it on the client?

If the PDF gets generated on the server and you can produce an URL to this PDF file, it should be possible to pass-on this URL to the client and let the client make it visible.

Thank you, Bruno