TWebGridPanel bug?

The attached project is based on the TWebGridPanel demo, simplified to a single column and with a TWebStringGrid inserted in the first row. In the Design view, it appears thus:

And in the browser, I see this:

IOW, the WSG consumes the whole of the WGP, but displays only the fixed row and column with no scroll bars to reveal the rest of the grid. Is this a WGP bug or am I doing something wrong? (6.9 KB)

I suggest to add a TWebPanel to the TWebGridPanel. Drop the TWebStringGrd on this panel. With this setup, it works as expected here.

Thanks, that does work. I still regard this as a bug though. Do you disagree?

I do not disagree, on the list to investigate deeper in the TWebStringGrid

Thanks. BTW, it also seems that the WebGridPanel total sizing works more reliably when it contains a WebStringGrid, if it is dropped on a WebPanel itself.

Yes, we've seen this and it is a non-trivial issue with the TABLE element for the stringgrid that is in a 100% width, 100% height SPAN (to fit in the grid panel)

The TABLE behaves better when it is in a parent element from where it can its absolute width & height. The lightest element to use for this is a TWebHTMLSpan or TWebHTMLDiv

Thanks, I haven't used either of those elements so I'll have to read up on them. Is there a relevant demo or just the online documentation?

These are really basic wrapper components for a HTML DIV or SPAN. Not much involved otherwise.

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