TWebGmaps & TThread

I try to do this :


But I get the following error

Le projet TestGMap.exe a déclenché la classe d'exception EAccessViolation avec le message 'Violation d'accès à l'adresse 569143B5 dans le module 'mshtml.dll'. Lecture de l'adresse 00000030'.

Do you know how to thread this component ?

Please note that TWebGMaps is based on a VCL TWebBrowser control and this control is a non thread-safe VCL UI control.

It's not the reason of ths bug.

IPersistStreamInit is in an Activex which can't be threaded ;(

I've changed function TWebGMaps.Launch: Boolean;

I've replace   (FWebBrowser.Document as IPersistStreamInit).Load(TStreamAdapter.Create(aStream));
with the following lines

          lst:= TStringList.Create;
          lst.Text := HtmlFile;

So Now I can use a TThread to launch the map. 
I don't like this version because I must write on the hard drive, but I don't see how to do otherwise.

Maybe you'll have a better idea