TWebFilePicker and TWebFilePicker

Please include documentation and maybe include these in a demo.  I don't see this in the Beta Documentation.  Also does the Electron opendialog and savedialog work with a standard Web App (via TMSWebForm)?  A local  open/save/folder dialog was on my wish list for TMS Web Core.  


Sorry copy/paste got me.  That's TWebfileUpload and TWebFilePicker.

We are also working on updating the doc for v1.2 and will include the new TWebFilePicker in the doc. Please note that the Electron Open/Save dialog are ONLY for Electron apps. There are native OS dialogs and can't be used in regular web applications, only Electron applications.

No Examples with TWebFileUpload?

When I think of TWebFileUpload, I am thinking pick a file and upload it to the REST server.  So TWebFileUpload would have a send method with the filename and an overwrite flag.  The Xdata Server would have a build in "UploadModule"  with parameters of path for uploaded files that works strictly with with TWebFileUpload.Send.  XData would return the MD5 Sum in the results back to the client.  

Is there any plans to polish the server upload process?  Its not that I'm lazy....  but I'm lazy. I despise adding ASM blocks to my code :-)

Am I missing something or is there a better way?


We wanted to design TMS WEB Core as open as possible, i.e. also be open to use whatever a user wants to use as backend file upload handler. We have an upload sample that does the upload with a TMS Sparkle server. I believe that it would be more appropriate to create a TWebXDataFileUpload descendent that is included with TMS XData and that is hard-wired to use an XData backend. We'll discuss this here with the team.

I like the approach you mentioned.  Any updates on this?


I checked and the upload sample is actually handled with TMS Sparkle.

If you have TMS Sparkle installed, it should be fairly straightforward.