Electron Question

I have a possible project starting next week if I can meet the use case.

Windows/Linux - CentOS 6/7
XML document management / XML in a treeview
Local file browsing/picking  (Electron does this part fine)

I have to serialize/de-serialize XML from/to objects.  
Making it a web app is possible if I can find a Blox style connection component set for TMSWeb
Drag/Drop rectangle blocks on form and define in and out connection points.
Line connect via in/out points on the blocks.
Save state just like the Delphi IDE projects.

I was using TMSBlox for some proof of concept but it was causing me some issues (posted in the Blox Forum)

Bruno and Team,  Can you give me some feedback on this?


We will look at the FNC Blox specific questions.
Please note that at this moment, FNC Blox does not support TMS WEB Core yet.
This is because TMS FNC Blox internally heavily uses generics and the pas2js compiler used in TMS WEB Core has not yet generics support. This is in the works.

Understood.  Thanks Bruno.  I followed up in the FNC BLox forum.