TWebDBDateTimePicker format

I ve a datetime field with display format to ddd, dd mmmm yy but TWebDBDateTimePicker don't me show formatting ... how to display formatted date or time and change it ?

TWebDateTimePicker uses underlying the HTML5 INPUT element of type=date

and for this, the HTML5 spec is:

The HTML5 date input specification refers to the RFC 3339 specification, which specifies a full-date format equal to: yyyy-mm-dd. See section 5.6 of the RFC 3339 specification for more details.

This format is used by the value HTML attribute and DOM property and is the one used when doing an ordinary form submission.

can you give me a sample (eventually with source) how to use it please ?

I do not have an example.
The spec says it follows the RFC3339 spec.
The HTML5 spec doesn't provide format customization.

but the control doesn't display in that format (thank the lord). does it pick the format up from the OS settings as I see dd/mm/yyyy?

There is no setting for this HTML5 INPUT control type date to set the format of date entry.
Depending on the browser it will use the behavior as defined in the browser.
The full information about the HTML5 INPUT of type date is here:

I guess I might have to fork out for JQWidgets if I need to specify format then.