TWebDateTimePicker has issue to parse time from a float under MS Edge from Mac IOS system

Hi Bruno,

Hope you are doing well. We found an issue when TWebDateTimePicker tries to convert and display float value into time format (HH:MM:SS). From below picture, you can see the warning message from development tool for detail and basically this leads that time can't be converted. As we have observed so far, this only occurs on Microsoft Edge under IOS system.

A demo project is also included for your testing:
13. (1.5 MB)

Thanks in advance.

I test this here and see no problem:

Is your browser decimalseparator effectively a '.' ?

Yes, I did not change the decimal separator so by default it is period (.). Are you testing on IOS' edge or windows one? I have no problem on windows' edge.

There is no Edge browser on iOS.
What browser do you use on iOS?

Sorry for the confusion. We are testing it on Edge browser under Mac OSX.

Hi Bruno, any update on this issue?