TWebClientDataSet Filter

I´m trying to Filter a WebClientDataset with the Filter-property.
When i set a Filter and set Filtered-property to True the Records aren´t actually filtered.
Is there a way to achieve this in TMS Web Core?

I cannot see a problem with filtering.
Test code : Demo\Basics\DBGrid
Add button with code:

  WebClientDataSet1.Filter := 'Hp >= 400';
  WebClientDataSet1.Filtered := true;

this filters as expected.

OK, thats weird... Then only the RecordCount-Property doesn´t work as i expected. I would expect it to update when the Filter is applied but as you can see with the following code. The RecordCount stays the same before and after filtering. The MemTable from FireDac does Update this directly after applying the filter.
Is this the expected behaviour of the RecordCount-Property?

  lString: String;
  lString := IntToStr(WebClientDataSet1.RecordCount);
  WebClientDataSet1.Filter := 'Hp >= 400';
  WebClientDataSet1.Filtered := true;
  lString := lString + ' | ' + IntToStr(WebClientDataSet1.RecordCount);

We'll take this up with the pas2js team as this originates from the pas2js RTL

OK, thank you :)

I already reported this problem 18 months ago. I even contacted the pas2js team who replied nonchalantly that it was not possible to solve for the moment. So I created my own row count function.

Good luck.

Yes, we have encountered the same reluctance in this particular area, but we will re-raise it.

Does the filter property support like? I am getting an error when setting Filter := 'City like ''M%''';
I am getting the error in XDataWebDataSet and WebClientDataSet.
Using WEB Core v2.3.2.0

At this moment it is sadly not supported. This is part of the pas2js RTL was not yet implemented in the base class. We'll check with the pas2js team if this can be added.

Any news on Filter with LIKE? Everything in this product is about 60% percent completed. Very frustrating you cannot do anything useful without spending hours and hours of workarounds.

I regret progress from the pas2js team on this has been slow.
We'll look at all possible solutions to address this.