TWebDataset Filter


Could you give example of TWebDataset.Filter?

WebClientDataSet2.Filtered := false;
WebClientDataSet2.Filter   := format('"ID"=%d', [aID]);
WebClientDataSet2.Filtered := true;

Doesn't filter anything. Record Count return same amount of records as before filtering. 

Tried to use  format('"ID"=''%d''', [aID]); Thought if Dataset used string as type of ID.
but got error that it can't compare float to string.

Haven't found any example 


I could not see an issue with this.
Test performed in the demo Demo\Basics\DBGrid:

procedure TForm1.WebButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
  webclientdataset1.Filtered := false;
  webclientdataset1.Filter := 'Brand=''BMW''';
  webclientdataset1.Filtered := true;

This works as expected. The TWebDBGrid is updated with only matching records.

Sorry to disappoint you 
But it doesn't filter.

Actually it does but after scrolling grid down I see some "ferary" and other brands. 

Same happens if I use   
  webclientdataset1.Filtered := false;

  webclientdataset1.Filter := '"Max speed"=250';
  webclientdataset1.Filtered := true;

I even upgraded to latest version. 
Is there any info that I can provide to find the reason? 

We investigated deeper and could not find and fix this issue.
The next update will address this.

Please be so kind as it is Showstopper for me. 

also check project 
I add new button with code:

  webclientdataset1.Filtered := false;
  webclientdataset1.Filter := 'Brand=''BMW''';
  webclientdataset1.Filtered := true;

After filtering you will see that you can move to next or prev records. 
But if you press First or last you should see that Navigator looks like there is not record. 

in Version v1.4.1.0

It's marked to be fixed.

  • Fixed : Issue with dataset filtering with TWebDBGrid TWebDBTableControl

Now I use version v1.4.2.0 According to subscription manger.
and there it still doesn't work. Should I expect it In some other update?

Even worse. After Open navigators Buttons look like disabled until I move mouse over them.


Last week we did a further improvement to filtering and we also did an improvement for the rendering of the TWebDBNavigator. These improvements will be included in the next release.

Dear Bruno

I just installed version 1.5. There is no difference in terms of filtering datasets. Absolutely no difference.
And I'm absolutely sure that I installed the correct version as there is ColumnSized event in the grid.

Including problems with Navigator when the dataset is filtered.


We have fixed all we could at control level.
Did you check this case at dataset level, i.e. without controls?
If a problem remains, we will need to report this to the pas2js team that provides the RTL.

It works.
I found that is fixed when proper filter is used.

But if I use improper filter that raises exception then some incorrect data remains in dataset.
I can leave with it :) thanks.
I couldn't find it as
TMSWeb_Dataset project didn't show any exception. When I placed code inside try except I could catch exception and correct the code.

In Some examples I could see if there is some unhandled exceptions as red panel on the bottom.
Should I set some settings for it?


You can choose how errors/exceptions are reported with