Fetch fields / Field editor in MiletusClientDataset not working for MySQL

At first, with Miletus now having the possibility to create desktop apps with direct access to external MySQL databases without depending on the MySQL client dlls is really a great thing! Thank you very much for this!

Now my problem here:
Delphi 10.3.3, TMS Web Core beta

I connected a TMiletusMySQLDBDriver, TMiletusClientDataSet and TWebDataSource. When using "fetch fields" at design time in the dataset, it gets correctly all fields from the MySQL table. But in the field editor, the fields are not shown, so I can't add them.
Any hints?

Did you open the fields editor, right-click and select 'add all fields' ?

Yes, I did. I tried the way which is shown in the video "TMS WEB Core v1.5: Create forms with database controls" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwS5chVldSI&t=318s) but with the controls shown in "TMS Miletus: Database access without Web service backend" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJ8k9E3p4UA).

Everything went fine, but when I click "add all fields" in the field editor, nothing happens. And when I click "add field", the list of available fields is empty.
But when connecting a TWebDBGrid to the Webdatasource, it shows the complete table when executing the app (which then is not really fully functioning; editing values is not possible).

Additionally, I found that when compiling this simple app in release mode, the table does not show up in the grid, it only shows up in the debug mode app.

We did a fix for adding fields recently and possibly this fix was not yet in the 1.7 beta.
In the 1.7 release it should work fine.
For editing, did you set goEditing = true in grid.options?

Editing: Sorry, my fault! When setting this option, editing works.

After your answer, I added an issue to my last post (problem with debug/release).