TWebcamera front camera image is flipped

While holding mobile device horizontally and selecting Cameratype=ctFront video image is upside dow. 

This looks like an expected behavior. The front facing camera's image is usually flipped, so not a mirror image as you probably already noticed. This also means that if you don't have the screen rotating enabled for your phone or mobile browser, then it's going to look like the image is upside down, but in reality, it's rotated by 90 degrees + the applied flip. Did you try enabling the screen rotation?

I see, I have PWA application with fixed portrait orientation. Running it in browser window rotation enabled front camera image turns correctly. 

Behavior I'd like to see is similar to Android own camera application: video image stream window is rotating separately from main window but this is not a big deal in my use case.

We will investigate whether there are customization capabilities beyond the default rotation behavior.