No image from TWebCamera


I have this code:

procedure TfrmNew.UpdatePicture;
  xhr: TJSXmlHttpRequest;
  P: integer;
  b64: string;
  function Base64ToArrayBuffer(str: string): TJSArrayBuffer;
    BufView: TJSUInt8Array;
    BinaryString: string;
    I: Integer;
    BinaryString := window.atob(str);
    Result := TJSArrayBuffer.New(Length(BinaryString));
    BufView := TJSUInt8Array.New(Result);
    for I := 0 to Length(BinaryString) - 1 do
      BufView := TJSString(BinaryString).CharCodeAt(I);
  xhr :=;'PUT', connServer.URL+'/'+string('pobuda('+wdsPobuda.FieldByName('Id').AsString+')/Slika'));
  b64 :=  camMain.SnapShotAsBase64;
  ShowMEssage(Copy(b64, 1, 40));  // shows only "data:,"

The problem is that on iPhone the picture is always "data:,", on other deviced(PC/android..)  is "data:image/png,...". (this is correct).

I run this in Safari and Chrome for iOS, the result is the same. I know that running as PWS will not work, but I run just as an usual website in a browser.

From the documentation 
TWebCamera is using the MediaDevices.getUserMedia() API. Because of this, two mayor limitations are: • The TWebCamera won’t work in any browser that does not support the getUserMedia API. • It is not yet supported in iOS PWA.

We have tested this here, but we could not reproduce it. The following worked correctly:

procedure TForm1.WebButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
  b64: string;
  b64 :=  WebCamera1.SnapShotAsBase64;
  ShowMessage(Copy(b64, 1, 40));  

procedure TForm1.WebFormCreate(Sender: TObject);

Do you have any special settings for the TWebCamera? Is it working properly apart from getting the image? What iOS version are you testing with?

Using iPhone 6s

IOS 13.1

Updated to iOS13.2.2, problem persists.

Latest version of WebCore
We've tried with a newer version of iOS, and it's still working.
So it's also important to know if you have any special settings for the TWebCamera? Is the control working properly apart from getting the image (SnapShotAsBase64) or do you also have problems with getting a live feed from it?

The control works correctly all except the SnapShotAsBase64 function. Na the error is only on Iphone (Safari browser). Im working to provide an example to send toy you, so we will have exactly the same code (and will also be a test form me if the problem is on the component or in my program).

See you soon :)

Created a test program - works OK on my iOS, so the problem seems just in my application.

Tried to remove and readd the camera component, but no change :(

It just doesn't work on my iPhone. Tomorrow I willcheck on another iPhone that as never used onmy pages.