TTouchKeyboard setting focus control

Good morning,
in a form i have a TAdvMemo component in order to write some note.
When the user enter in the memo, via on enter, another form with only TTouchKeyboard is showed.
Now which is the correct way to show the letters typed into the advmemo (tha is located in onther form). Now all is typed is "lost".
I tried to use TAdvPopupTouchKeyBoard in the same form, but i have the same problem.
There is a way to show the "ESC" key ???
Have you some suggestion??

Thank you for the attention


TAdvTouchKeyboard sends the characters to the focused control. If TAdvMemo has the focus, it should get the keys. I could not see an issue with this. See attached test project. (7.1 KB)

Good afternoon Bruno,
thank you for your quick reply.
Yes, you're rigth.
When the keyboard is on the same form it works well (even more than well !!).
In my case, i have a reduced form (small and tight form) and in order to show the keyboard i need to use zoom(0.60,0.60) and the buttons are too small. To show the keyboard in a 100% or 120% zoom i put it in another form. In this case how i can
type on the keyboard (placed in anther form, form2) and see the text typed in a memo (placed on form1) ?
Last question, can you add an "ESC" button ??
Thank's for all, Bruno

Best regards,

I cannot see that working from another form when your other form can become the active window. With becoming active window, the form with the memo goes inactive / loses focus.