I am successfully using the TTMSMQTTClient component in datasnap applications. However, when I put this application to run as ISAPI under IIS, the component does not connect (it always stays in the csConnecting state).
Any suggestions will be welcome. Thanks.

I'm sorry but we have not tested the component under these circumstances.
First check to do: does IIS permit you open the ports to the broker?

Thanks for the quick response.
I tried, based on internet posts, to check the necessary settings, but I was not successful. If the TMS team carries out the necessary tests (MQTT component + IIS) I am sure the result would be positive. I can only ask, as a very satisfied TMS customer, that you can determine the steps necessary for this combination to work.

Try to add


to your project main source

Thanks again for the response.
Unfortunately this programming line is already part of the source of my datasnap/ISAPI project. But I imagine if your project worked, you could share it. Or perhaps share settings in the operating system or IIS that were made.

I have researched this but not tested it as I could not allocate time to separately test this.
At this moment, I'm out of ideas.