TTMSMQTT Not function under radserver (IIS)

TTMSMQTT Not function under radserver (IIS)

Somehow the created .bpl does not work (just freezes when called).
It works under the EMS RAD Development server,
Brought it back to just simple code for connect

  LogExInfo('SetUpMQTTClient() step 1');
      _mqtclient := TTMSMQTTClient.Create(nil);
      _mqtclient.BrokerHostName := 'testserver01';
      _mqtclient.BrokerPort := 1883;
//      _mqtclient.      
      on e: exception do
         LogExeceptions(e, 'Error connecting MQTT', CNST_RESOURCEMAINNAME + '.SetUpMQTTClient()');
    LogExInfo('SetUpMQTTClient() finsished');

little kick :slight_smile:

yet another kick, a little bit bigger this time

I'm sorry but Embarcadero RAD server IIS is not among the deployment targets we test against nor develop against.
Maybe hints here help:

Ah ok, clear.
I know that thread i posted the solution there :)
I have a look or we missing DLL's also, otherwise, try another MQTT component for the server part.