TTMSFNCWXOCR - full document recognition -

Good evening to all,
using TTMSFNCWXOCR component there's a way to recognition one full document?
I' trying to be more clear.
I have a .pdf file from 1 to 30 pages with header, footer, image, barcode and text caming from Word. It's possibile to rebuild each page and load it, for example, to AdvRichText coponent?
If not, is possible get text and barcode ? (because in the page there are some rows
with 3 columns:
1 - Barcode
2 - Description
3 - Price.
It's possible get somthing like

033984001590 Fantasy product 15,65

Thank you for any reply ...
Best regards

Hi, OCR only works on images and not on PDF's. On images you could use the OCR Helper to select parts of an image you need OCR on, or just use the OCR Component to scan the complete image.