How would I change the displayed bitmap in code on a TTMSFNCToolBarButton? Say so it can be Play or Pause, or On/Off?

Also is it possible to link one to an Action, as you would a standard button?



Actions are not supported in FNC, because there are no equivalents for each framework. We'll add this on our feature request list. To change the bitmap you have various options. You can drop a TTMSFNCBitmapContainer on the form and link it to the button, then you can add an item to the Bitmaps collection, and then change the name dynamically.

  TMSFNCToolBarButton1.BitmapContainer := TMSFNCBitmapContainer1;


  TMSFNCToolBarButton1.Bitmaps[0].BitmapName := 'SecondBitmap';

Thanks. I think it is just webcore that doesn't support Actions - be a great addition.

The docs say that the TTMSFNCToolBarButton has a BitmapName property, which doesn't it's on the Bitmaps.Item.

Thanks for the feedback!