TTMSFNCTableView in TMS Web Core


I'm having problems with this control when scrolling with it not displaying correctly when variable height is set.

This can be seen in your Web Core TableView sample. Scrolling up and down, which is extremely slow, the variable height doesn't always work and overlaps e.g.





We are able to reproduce this here and are currently investigating this. Please note that this might take some time because of issues in various areas: clipping, html engine performance, etc...

It seems that the height is directly related to the font size, not the contents.

This isn't fixed in today's release of FNC. Do you have any idea when this will be resolved?


We still have to allocate time to investigate the slowness and the reason for the auto-size not functioning properly. As this is inside TMS WEB Core, it might take a longer period to fix as things in the WEB work differently than on desktop or mobile. Hoping for your understanding.

Thanks. Understood.