TTMSFNCSearchEdit does not accept the char "-"

If I have a SearchList with items that include the char "-", I can't find them. When the SearchList is visible (PopUp visible) the Edit does not accept the char "-".

Just drop a TTMSFNCSearchEdit on a form and run the application. Type "A", so the SearchList becomes visible and then type "-". Nothing will happen. Only when you close the SearchList typing a "-" will be accepted. What can I do to accept the char "-"?

I found the reason why the char "-" is not accepted.

Inside the procedure SearchListKeyPress you are trying to catch keys like Ins, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down and Arrow keys. These kind of keys can't be catched inside a KeyPress procedure. Instead you should use KeyDown or KeyUp. The KeyPress event is mainly used for alphanumeric characters, like "-". If you transform the Char "-" with Ord to the Word value, you will get 45. This is the same as VK_INSERT. Inside the KeyPress event you are telling not to do anything with the VK_INSERT value which is the same as the Word value of the "-" key. That's the reason it doesn't accept the "-" key.

You should also check other components like TTMSFNCCustomGrid. It looks like you are also trying to catch the Ins key as a Char there as well.

We'll investigate this here as soon as possible