TTMSFNCMaps Visibility While Loading

Just upgraded from an older version of WebGMaps. Lots to learn.

How do I suppress the loading and viewing of New York City until the data I would like to display finishes loading?

Setting Visible := false at design time hides the map, but no combination of Visible := true and Paint brings the map visible again..

Same for design time and run time Enabled.

Any suggestions appreciated

You can set the Options.DefaultLatitude and Options.DefaultLongitude, which will be used when initializing the map for the first time. If you want to use the Visible property, the map will need to be initialized:

  TMSFNCMaps1.Visible := True;

Please note that it will only start rendering when the map is visible/initialized, so that's something that cannot be avoided.

Thanks Pieter

This works perfectly

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