No mouse events fired on TTMSFNCGoogleMaps: MouseEnter, MouseMove, MouseLeave

On a TTMSFNCGoogleMaps component I assigned the above mentionend event handler for mouse events.
Not one of them is fired when moving the mouse pointer over the map.
Am I doing something wrong or is this not available?
If not, why are the event handlers exposed then?

If you mean the OnMouseEnter, OnMouseMove and OnMouseLeave then no, these will not be triggered because they are tied to the wrapper component. For the actualy events, look for OnMapMouseMove, OnMapMouseLeave and OnMapMouseEnter. The reason why these events are published is because of the inherited base class in FNC, which is actually a custom control layer. The map is using the browser which is actually another control.

Thank you for the reply, the mouse events on the map fire now correctly.
I just got the wrong mouse handler types.

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