ttmsfnchtmltext editor component is not good


I quite like the TTMSFNCHtmlText control, but in the IDE, trying to edit the Text property is really painful.

There are two issues:

  1. I think a bug with the IDE HTML editor or the integration with it
  2. the Text property in the property editor always shows (HTML Formatted Text)... where in the property editor I would like to see my text.

So clicking on the elipsis starting the editor... it seems to spawn the IDE HTML editor, which I'm not sure if it is an out of process thing - but using this seems to take the RAD out of RAD for me.

my setup: a 2014 Macbook running VMware Fusion with Rad Studio 10.3.2.

When I try to edit the text using the property editor - it takes 10 seconds for the IDE HTML editor to appear. Secondly, when it does appear - actually what happens is that the IDE gets behind another application I have running, so I have to refocus on the the IDE to get to the editor and the ide.

Anyways, it may be that the IDE HTML editor is not that great.

This feature was implemented.