TTMSFNCGrid + Adapter + Aureliusdataset

I have a Grid bound to the Adapter bound to a datasource bound to a Aurelius dataset which belongs to a SQLite database.
Upon activation the dataset shows the expected data.
When clicking in a row of the grid to edit the data, the data of the last fetched entity is changed.
Moving the Focus to another row, the last row is updated and the just edited row Shows unchanged values.
Clicking in a cell of another row, the cell shows the just changed values.

The table/Entity has a PK aka ID.

This looks as if any editing uses the object last fetched.

Am I supposed to call save whenever a row is editied?

tx Bernd

Hi Bernd, sorry to ask but, before anything: are you using latest TMS Aurelius version?

Well, download was about 2 weeks ago. I can retry with a fresh download, if that makes sense.

I?ll try and give a follow up.

Do you have a sample project that reproduces the problem? If you could send it to us it will help a lot, we appreciate it.

Having downloaded and reinstalled both Aurelius and FNC UI Pack - now everything works like a charm. :- ) Great - tx for your support!

BWT: Any chance to have the various setups rememeber credentials?

Thank you for the feedback. Regarding installers, could you describe better in which situation the installer should remember credentials? If you uninstall a product and then reinstall a new version, the user name and code should be filled automatically (it's saved from previous install).

I downloaded + installed + had to enter e-mal and code for each:

- FNC UI Pack wich told me that I need to update FNC Code first
- FNC Core
- FNC UI Pack
- FNC Charts
No big problem to copy/paste the code and to enter the e-mail, but as it is the same for all these setups, it would be nice to have this persisted. Addiionally this is per-machine/user, so no problem with security.

Tx afain for your support!