TTMSFNCCloudStorageServices freezing upload

Hi to all,
when the file is uploading from pc to DropBox (for example) we can stop it.
In case the user wants stop it a message is open with yes / no choice; independently of the choice while the message is showed ..... the file upload continues and, if the user take some time or the file is small the upload ends before any choice is made.
There's a way to "frezze" and "resume" the upload ??

Thank's for reply


Unfortunately there is no way to cancel or pause the upload. We are investigating chunked transfers which will enable partial upload of a file. This way, if the user pauses or cancels, the file is stopped until the user resumes. There is no timeframe on this feature however as there is still a lot of research that needs to be done first.

Hi Pieter,
thank you for reply.
I'll wait your news for this new feature. I have to add this request in "request feature" ?

Thank's again