TTMSFNCCloudStorageServices loose connection.....

Good afternoon to all,
using TTMSFNCCloudStorageServices i can upload file to a cloud.
While the file is transfering can happenf that the connection dropps; The upoload is stopped and the connection is no more avaiable.
But, when the connection is on (again) which is the best way to reset the TTMSFNCCloudStorageServices ??
I'm doing this question because in this situation, when i reconnect the component to cloud and resend the file, i'll get 3 exceptions (random) out of system resource; invalid handle and another one who i do not remeber and very rare (happend only one time).

Have you any suggestion ??

Thank's for all



Unfortunately there is currently no built-in functionality available to handle upload issues due to lost connections.
However support for resumable uploads is being considered for a future version of TMS FNC Cloud Pack.

Hi Bart,
with your component (WebConnection) or similar and handling ARequestResult.Success in

CloudStorageUploadFile(Sender: TObject; const AUploadItem: TTMSFNCCloudItem;
  const ARequestResult: TTMSFNCCloudBaseRequestResult);

is possible handle any situation taking care, in case of re upload, to reconnect to cloud.

Thank's for your attention.