TTMSFNCCloudGoogleFirebaseObjectDatabase and TwebFirestoreCDS

I can read and write to a TwebFirestoreCDS. Now I wanted to make desktop client in FMX that analyses the data in the google firestore database.

I am unsure how to use the same authentication values from my TwebFirestoreCDS for the ObjectDatabase. I have setup an anonymous access,m which works for my webapp, but not for the FMX app. Is this supposed to work?

Is FireBase and FireStore the same service? I can´t get this to work.
How do I access a FireStore-Database with FNC components?

  • Firebase DataBase API - REST service to access data from a Firebase DataBase
  • Cloud Firestore – NoSQL scalable database that is part of Firebase

It is not clear if you'll be able to access data from the FireStore service in FireBase DataBase.

Please follow these instructions to get access to Firebase DataBase

Make sure to set the following properties:

  TMSFNCCloudGoogleFireBaseObjectDatabase1.Authentication.ClientID := 'abc123';
  TMSFNCCloudGoogleFireBaseObjectDatabase1.Authentication.Secret := 'xyz987';
  TMSFNCCloudGoogleFireBaseObjectDatabase1.DatabaseName := 'DatabaseName';
  TMSFNCCloudGoogleFireBaseObjectDatabase1.TableName := 'TableName';
  TMSFNCCloudGoogleFireBaseObjectDatabase1.Authentication.CallBackURL := '';