TTMSFNCCloudDemoListBox focus and keyboard use

Good afternoon to all,
i'm working on your demo CloudStorageServiceDemoVCL in order to study the cloud.
In the demo there is a listbox (TTMSFNCCloudDemoListBox) that contain the list of the files stored in the cloud. This component (i know it is a demo one) can't be focused and, for this, there's no way to use the arrows to move the listbox cursor (up/down) and the items are selectable only with the mouse.
There's a way to avoid this behaviour (meaning using arrows key and focused the component)?

Thank's for reply



No, the component is designed for demonstrational purposes and to avoid having to install the TMS FNC UI Pack. If you want a full featured list, then you will need to take a look at the TMS FNC UI Pack.

Hi Pieter,
in my opiion this component is a good component and it's a big pitty leave it as "demo".
It's a good listbox and, i think, could be a candidate to be a non demo component for FNC CLOUD component family.

In your spear time ... consider it.

Thank you