TTMSFNCCheckedTreeView Auto Stretch


I am using this component with the alClient align property on my form, I need to ask you the appropiate settings in order to auto strech just one column on the entire screen, but this must works on vertical and horizontal position using the gyroscope of any mobile device iOS or Android.

Image below show the app running on vertical position wich loose some data marked in red because of the standar width of the column

Image below shows the entire information because I rotated my mobile device

Can you please tell me how to solve this?

Set TMSFNCCheckedTreeView1.ColumnsAppearance.StretchAll := True;

It does not work, here are the result

Additionally, also set TMSFNCCheckedTreeView1.ColumnsAppearance.Stretch := True

We have tested this here and didn't see an issue with the stretching ability