How can TMSFMXLiveGrid's column autofitwidth

I use TMSFMXLiveGrid and I have a question.

How can TMSFMXLiveGrid's column autofitwidth?
eg:I put a TMSFMXLiveGrid in a form.TMSFMXLiveGrid.Align := client,Form.width := 500.And  I have 2 columns,I set columns[0].width := 200,columns[1].width := 300.When form resize,like form.width = 300.I want to columns[0].width = 120 and columns[1].width = 180.They can autofit column's width.Thank you.


Sorry this is not possible. You can choose to stretch a single column, or all column, but not divide columns in a specific ratio. To stretch all columns you can set TMSFMXLiveGrid1.Options.ColumnSize.Stretch and TMSFMXLiveGrid1.Options.ColumnSize.StretchAll to true 

Thank you.

Hi. I have enabled stretchall but it isnt sizing the columns to the width of the data. Is there another option that needs to be enabled or disabled ? This is on an Android device


StretchAll automatically resizes the columns to fill the total width of the grid. To auto-size to the displayed data, you'll need to call TMSFMXLiveGrid1.AutoSizeColumns