[TTMSFNCCalendar, FMX] Weeknumbers not correct

Yes we have an expired license, gonna update that today.

Following, is the problem:
Get the FMX TTMSFNCCalendar, and set the date to 2-okt-2023, it will say weeknumber 39, but its actually week 40.
Problem is that the weeknumbers are based on an algorithm bases on monday=day 1 of the week, but the calendar is painting sunday as day 1 (actually 0, but it's the first).

So this is always gonna give a problem, but that day you can see it clearly (an user here pointed us to it).

Solution (for now, for us, hope TMS makes a tested fix:) ):

In FMX.TMSFNCCalendar:
Replace all DayOfWeek() functions to DayOfTheWeek functions.

In the procedure:
procedure TTMSFNCCustomCalendar.DrawDayNames(AGraphics: TTMSFNCGraphics;

CNST_DNMAP : array[1..7] of integer = (2,3,4,5,6,7,1);

replace all " FormatSettings.ShortDayNames[[dn]," by " ZormatSettings.ShortDayNames[CNST_DNMAP[dn]]"


We have changed the behavior of rendering week numbers taking the first day of the week into account. Next version will have this addressed.