TTMSFMXWebGMapsReverseGeocoding LaunchReverseGeocoding declared encoding does not match byte order mark

Good morning
we have updated delphi sydney and google API level 29.
From now on our applications are no longer able to use this function which always returns error

"raised exception class EconverterError with message declared encoding does not match byte order mark"

It is extremely urgent, we are stuck with critical apps



As a workaround can you try manually changing the target Android SDK version by making a change in the AndroidManifest.template.xml file in your project?


<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="%minSdkVersion%" android:targetSdkVersion="%targetSdkVersion%" />


<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="%minSdkVersion%" android:targetSdkVersion="27" />

Unfortunately Google requires API 29 for the store


We have tested this here in RAD Studio Sydney with latest patches applied. We are not able to reproduce this issue. We have tested on Android 64 bit with a new project, and the reverse geocoding component is working as expected. Can you send us a sample project that demonstrates the issue?