TMSFMXWebGMapsReverseGeocoding and XData

We have found a strange issue with our Android FireMonkey app that uses XData and TMSFMXWebGMapsReverseGeocoding. 

We use FMXWebGMaps 2.9.9 and all the latest BIZ products (Core, XData, Aureluis, Sparkle).

As soon as we execute TMSFMXWebGMapsReverseGeocoding1.LaunchReverseGeocoding the first consecutive call to a XDataClient.Get or XDataClient.List leads to a silent SegmentationFault (11) only visible during debugging. At runtime the app hangs and becomes unresponsive. 

The XData Server is reachable by https only. In a local test environment over http the error could not be reproduced. 

All XDataClient communication with the server works as expected as soon as we uncomment the ReverseGeocoding call. 

I know that this is rather peculiar and I do not know if this is a GMaps or XData problem. Please move this topic to the GMaps forum if I posted it in the wrong one (I do not want to crosspost).

Thank you for looking into it.

Hi Timo,

Are you able to check which parts of code (line, call stack) are causing the Segmentation Fault?
Do you have more details on how and where are you calling LaunchReverseGeocoding method?