TTMSFMXWebGMaps on TTabItem always on top

(firemonkey mobile Win32/Android)

I would like to use the TTMSFMXWebGMaps on a TTabItem of a TTabControl.
So the parent of the map controll is the tabitem.

When the user activates the tabitem with the map the map should be shown,
activating the other tabitem, no map should be shown.

In windows it works.

Same source for android, the map is always shown. Looks like the parent would be the form.

Am I doing something wrong?
Or is there a way to work araound?


 TabControl1: TTabControl;
    TabItem1: TTabItem;
    TabItem2: TTabItem;


The component relies on a native webbrowser, which does not respond to tab changes. You will need to manually toggle the Visible property of the component when the tab changes.

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Thanks for your answer.

No problem to switch the visibility. I was just wondering that the same compiled to windows works.

Yes, but the Windows version uses a different technique, and paints the contents on the FireMonkey canvas as a bitmap, while the other platforms add a real native controls to the application root view controller.

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