WebGMaps on a tabcontrol


When I drop te webGMaps component on a tab item it will show on all tabs not just the one I dropped it on. How can I solve this.

The other, maybe related issue, is that the WebGmaps component isn't visible during design time. When I select it in the structure tree it isn't selected in at the form,

I use the trial version of WebGmaps in combination with Delphi XE5. I tested it for iOS 7.1 (iPhone).

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You will need to manually toggle the Visible property when changing tabs. The component is based on a native webbrowser and doesn't respond to TabControl page changes.

At designtime, you should only see a container control with dotted lines that indicate the position of the WebGMaps control, you should see the blue dotted handles when selecting the component directly on the form.

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I found that I had to set the WebGMaps1.Visible property to True and False in order to manage the visibility of the WebGMaps component.

I placed the WebGMaps.Visible := True / False in the procedure to slide in the map tab.

WebGMaps1.Visible := True;
TabControl1.SetActiveTabWithTransition(TabMap, TTabTransition.Slide, TTabTransitionDirection.Normal);

Yes, the Visible property needs to be toggled manually.