TTMSFMXTableVIew OnAnchor events

Is there a demo (or a bit more documentation) available for the OnAnchor events of the TTMSFMXTTableView component, specifically for the OnItemCaptionAnchorClick and the OnItemDescriptionCaptionClick.

Testing on Windows as well as Android, I cannot seem to be able to trigger these events, nothing happens.

Tracing into the source code, it appears that in unit FMX.TMSTableView; the procedure TTMSFMXTableViewItem.CheckAnchor(X, Y: Single); never sets shpdesc.HitTest to true, because the call to (shpdesc as TTMSFMXHTMLText).HTMLDraw(True, X - r.Left, Y - r.Top, a); always results in an empty string a being returned. On Windows as well as Android.

If I manually modify this to set shpdesc.HitTest to true when Y > 120 for example, then the cursor changes to a pointer (on Windows), but I get an error about an Activity not being fount to handle the intent (possibly related to something else).

I may be doing something wrong. Do I need to configure the HTML string? There's a "a href" tag inside, and it's rendered as a hyperlink, so I cannot see anything wrong, but I also wan't able to find an example of the OnAnchor click evens in the demos (to see how it actually works).

Thanks in advance for any help or pointers in the right direction

Groetjes, Bob Swart

The OnAnchor events are triggered when for example an <a href="">LINK</a> is present inside the text.