TTMSFMXRichEditor crashes when emoticon added

I've switched my TMemo with a TMSFMXRichEditor control, but I'm finding that as soon a user adds an emoji into the text using their emoticon keyboard on iOS, the app crashes with the following error:

"High Surrogate char without a following low surrogate char at index 0. Check the string is encoded properly" in TTMSBaseControl.CalculateText()

Has anyone else noticed this problem, and if so, is there a workaround as it's a massive issue for my users.


This is a non-trivial issue.
We'll investigate if we can find a solution for this.

Hi . Today i wanted to use also the TMSFMXRichEditor in an iOS app and i got the same error. If it can not be avoided then i can not release the app . The error is continuous and the app must be restarted.

Radu Mircea Capota


the same error occurs on iOS with the FNC Rich Editor.

Hi we are aware of this issue and due to ongoing work we haven't been able to fully investigate this. As soon as time permits we'll investigate.

The error is from 2017. There is no workaround?